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If you are looking for USA Business Database. Our USA Business Database can be used for effective email marketing campaign targeting Companies all over the world. We have extracted these Business Leads from Various Business Directory. USA Business Database can be used in a lot of ways such as Email Marketing and other Business purposes.

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Info Fields :

Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Zip4, ContactName, ContactFirst, ContactLast, ContactTitle, ContactType, ContactEmail, ContactPhone, SIC2Code, SIC2Desc, SIC4Code, SIC4Desc, SIC6Code, SIC6Desc, SIC8Code, SIC8Desc, SICDivision, SecondarySIC2Code, SecondarySIC2Desc, SecondarySIC4Code, SecondarySIC4Desc, SecondarySIC6Code, SecondarySIC6Desc, SecondarySIC8Code, SecondarySIC8Desc, SecondarySICDivision, TertiarySIC2Code, TertiarySIC2Desc, TertiarySIC4Code, TertiarySIC4Desc, TertiarySIC6Code, TertiarySIC6Desc, TertiarySIC8Code, TertiarySIC8Desc, TertiarySICDivision, NAICSCode, NAICSDesc, AnnualSalesRange, XTABAnnualSalesRange, EmployeesRange, XTABEmployeesRange, LocationType, Ownership, YearStarted, Woman, Minority, FilteredSohoFlag, LocationID, PrimaryRecord, ContactID, PhoneFlag, Source.

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USA Busniess Database


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