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Data Cleansing Services:-

Data Cleansing Services is one of the core areas of expertise of World Wide Email Lists. We have skilled personnel, and our professionals have vast experience related to Data Cleansing and other related services. We maintain very high accuracy levels at a very low cost, and provide fast turnaround. We make sure that Clients outsourcing to World Wide Email Lists Services get maximum benefits in terms of cost as well as better quality output.

Data in any form, if not accurate, clean, integral, correct, complete and consistent, is of no use for the management / data owner. No useful information can be generated from it. It becomes junk that occupies a large amount of space and costs you dearly. In order to address issues related to stored data, we provide Data Cleansing Services.

  • Accurate data is highly dependable and saves a lot of cost by saving time and money otherwise wasted because of inaccurate data.
  • Analysis of inaccurate data can produce wild results which are highly misleading in corporate decision making. Data Cleansing can provide accurate data with integrity, saving you time and money.
  • Data Verification and Data Validation can provide a highly accurate mailing list for marketing. This can save lot of costs, and increase Marketing ROI.
  • Increases Organizational Efficiency and Profitability.
  • Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing will benefit you in utilizing skilled man power with great knowledge and experience in handling critical data.
  • Data Cleansing service will help you save costs and resources, allowing you to concentrate more on the core activities of your business.
  • Data Verification and data validation process will minimize the errors and make your data useful and meaningful, and of course, quality data will increase the efficiency of any business.

We are one of the fastest growing Data Entry Companies in India, and the most preferred outsourcing destination here, which has greater skill sets and cost advantages compared to others.

With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can handle any volume of work and adopt the best process to deliver quality data. Apart from data cleansing, we can manage any type of jobs like data entry jobs, administrative jobs, typing jobs, data mining jobs, data conversion jobs, e-book conversions and data extraction, data collection, web research and data capture jobs.

  • Data Validation
  • Data Verification
  • Data Formatting
  • Data De-Duplication (removal of duplicate records)
  • Data Updation

In every business, quality is very crucial. Companies need more data for analysis and for decision making. Without quality data, this process will not take place. Data Cleansing is the process which helps to ensure that the data is correct. During this process, the data is checked for accuracy and consistency, and the process involves the following.

  • Checking for inaccurate records or data
  • Checking for typos or spelling errors
  • Checking for obsolete records or data
  • Checking for incomplete records or data

Email List Validation Service :

This is a manual service carried out by our staff in which, we will send real emails to your email list using our 2nd category smtp servers and then collect all bounces. Then we remove these bounces from your original list and gives you the clean list. You can then send bulk emails to this renovated email list and be sure that it contains less than 2% bounces.

The output file which you recieve will contain only 100% valid / existant email ids. Thus you can be free from the fear of smtp shut downs and termination of your smtp account due to high bounces.


Previously , we sold downloadable email verifier software to our clients. But our customers were not satisfied because, when they send bulk emails to the verified email lists got from these softwares, they used to get high bounce rate. All downloadable / web based email verifier softwares available in the market today are useless. This is because, most isps doesn't disclose the accurate information about the existance of the mailbox, when a request is given by the email verifier script. Hence , we stopped serving email verifier software and instead , now we give a 100% accurate solution, which is little more expensive but 100% accurate.

You can submit your email list in .txt or .csv or .xls or .xlsx format. Please note that in the output cleaned file which we give you, all fields in your database will be preserved exactly as in your original list.

For More Information Please contact us: sales@worldwideemaillist.com

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